ACME Software is a full service software and hardware consulting organization. We have done extensive embedded work from simple projects utilizing PIC microprocessors for cost and space sensitive applications, Arduinos and Rabbit Semiconductor RCM modules for embedded remote control applications requiring USB, Internet or HTML interfaces, uClinux on various platforms to leverage open source software and Embedded Windows for GUI applications. We have worked with all the major embedded processors including MSP430, MIPS and ARM in both uClinux and stand alone environments and programmed all the common physical interfaces like I2C,MDIO,SPI,CAN,MOD-BUS,DMX down to the bit level.

We have done Microsoft Windows software of all kinds, applications, services, DLL's, device drivers, image processing and 2D & 3D graphics just to name a few. We have designed and programmed complex 24/7 client server systems built around traditional and proprietary network protocols along with traditional and proprietary data bases.

The following links will take you to a brief description with pictures and screen shots of some of our recent projects.

Sound, Light, Motion

DMX 512

Embedded GCode interperter and motor controller

ACMEBasic a scripting language for embedded systems

IR and RF Remote Controls


LiteLaser Laser Controller

WideBand Video DVR

BroadBand Physics MoDem Controller

AutoFlite Passenger Breifing System

M2 Associates microscopic video measurement

9X Media video wall presentation editor/player

News Browser

Acme 3D Animation System

Cartography and Map Projections

Arduino and 3D Printer

Wonder Calliope Works

Some History

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